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Sage the Gemini feat Show Banga – I can tell (Son)

Voici le dernier son de Sage the Gemini  » I can tell « , en feat avec Show Banga. Ce titre est extrait du projet  » Morse code « .

 » I Can TellSage The Gemini Feat. Show Banga
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Sage The Gemini still has a knack for catchy hooks.
Sage The Gemini has returned with his new mixtape Morse Code, and it’s a reminder of his talent as a pop-rap songwriter. « I Can Tell, » a collaboration with Show Banga from the project has an immediately satisfying hook with a complex backing vocal arrangement, all packed into a concise West Coast rap presentation. For a time it seemed that Sage had his eyes on bigger pop aspirations, collaborating with the likes of Flo Rida and Nick Jonas. While his voice was a welcome presence on the radio, his new tape is a great return to more low-stakes rap with big hooks; something he’s done incredibly well since his breakout hits « Gas Pedal » and « Red Nose. » Listen to the full tape, which features guest appearances from Kap-G and Lil Yase, here.

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m still goin’ hard (hard)
Diamonds dancin’ with the stars (damn)
And I love foreign cars (yup)
European, my garage (hey, hey)
One click, you a fraud (no)
I just want your bra (come here)
Take her home with me (yeah)
Make a round of applause (woo, woo) « 

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